We Repair Printers in Cape Town.

When your money and time are tied up because of printers playing up – our client-orientated service approach is your best choice to restore smooth printing operation.

When you’re in the middle of a critical print job – you can rely on us to remedy the situation in the shortest time frame possible -  while keeping costs to a minimum.

Reasons To Choose Us

* Competitively priced On-site repairs

* Man-in-the-street Workshop rates

* 25Km Free delivery and collection

* Rapid response times

* Minimal downtime

* Life-extending scheduled services

* Outsourced repairer for many IT companies

* Capacity to handle large volume-repairs

* Loan printers provided

* Fully BEE Owned and managed

* Fully trained and equiped Technicians

* Three month guarantee on all work performed

We Service These And Other Leading Brands

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